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To better understand Renaissance Cast Stone’s abilities and expertise, please view some of the  Projects in our Photo Gallery. Renaissance Cast Stone also has extensive experience in historical Cast Stone Restoration. Contact us today to learn how Renaissance Cast Stone can add more value to your next project.




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2135 SW 19 th Street,

Oklahoma City, OK 73108

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(405) 514-4780

View our address block brochure online HERE:


ADDRESS BLOCKS can have both the street name and number. The numbers are sandblasted and painted, and can be easily read from the curb of most streets. Most Custom font styles are available. Where only one to three digits are needed, a larger font can be used upon request. Fonts used are script or block.

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Choose your color Choose your Style DON’T FORGET TO  Fill out the form on the right! Please contact us for these special order styles Brochure Prices:  $85.00 plus tax and shipping if applicable $95.00 plus tax and shipping for 12”x 20”

Contact Renaissance to become a distributor of our address blocks and other of our cast stone products to take advantage of our dealer pricing.


Choose your font Script Recessed Beveled Chamfered Block GET A QUOTE

Order your Address Block directly from us, the manufacturer.

Sizes available:

    9” x 16”

 12” x 16”

 12” x 20”